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2019 Bad Boy Revolt Mower

The totally redesigned Revolt Stand-On has been improved in every way and features improved performance, operator ease-of-use and durability. Operator visibility is improved with new, shorter frame and curved iBeam front fork support. The rear tires are larger and the fuel tank is now located in the center of the machine. This allowed the rider to stand directly both rear tires, resulting in a lower center of gravity and making Revolt one of the most maneuverable— and balanced— Stand-On's in the industry. So even though we've managed to make it smaller, we've packed in bigger performance all the way around. ALL NEW 1.5" x 3" Heavy-Gauge All Steel Rail Backbone ALL NEW iBeam Front Rail and 3/8" Front Forks with 3 1/8" trail for smooth directional changes. ALL NEW Adjustable Rubber Suspension Riding Platform for a more comfortable ride while absorbing vibrations normally passed along to the rider's knew and joints.

Price : $6325

2019 Bad Boy Magnum Mower

54" Deck Kawasaki Engine ---- Most mowers at this price are made from flimsy stamped steel and bolted together. So if you're looking for the efficiencies of a zero-turn mower at a price that does not compromise on quality construction and quality of cut— turn to the MZ and MZ Magnum. With larger and stronger frames— sporting an even stronger 7-gauge all steel fabricated deck- the MZ's are far more substantial in build quality than other mowers in this price range. You'll immediately appreciate the rock-solid, all-steel welded construction, powerful engine and 'too much fun to call it work' ride. Classic 2"x2" heavy-gauge all steel rail frame backbone. Smoother steering and tighter, more precise controls with our steering dampening system. Comfort Seat is adjustable and cushioned with side and upper back support. Solid steel deck features 7-gauge formed and welded steel with an additional 1/4" reinforced edge

Price : $3725